Friday, 25 October 2013

Look Good Feel SOOOOOO Much better...

I just love my Look Good Feel Better involvement. It's quite a new thing, only been a couple of times, but being in a room full of ladies fighting the good fight is inspiring.

Seeing all their faces, newly glammed up with new products and a tear in their eye from laughing at the end of the session is the best bit. If anyone thinks that putting a bit of superficial slap on someone enduring the harshest of treatments is not going to make a blind bit of difference - I defy them to stand outside the room and watch the ladies as they leave. I believe it is what the term "spring in their step" signifies.

Got another session next week, can't wait.

I've had a very tough week this week trying to mentally adjust to some awful news. Sometimes one has to just withdraw from the world, lick the wounds and wait until the other side kicks you out.

When you're in the  middle of that process, you kinda wonder if you'll ever see that alternate side, but it comes. Today was it for me.

All week I've got dressed into "house clothes", minimal hair brushing and not of make up. None required for moping about and getting the head straight. Today, however, I pushed myself to come out of it.

It felt really weird putting my face on as I'd not done it for a week. I put nice clothes on, a bit of jewellery and some (small) heels. The result? I felt human again. For the first time. It's SO important. If I'd not done that i'd have spent another day moping about, feeling scruffy. Hiding from the world.

Now I'm not saying that you have to wear make up every day, or in fact do anything every day, but when you make a bit of effort, you feel better. You just do. I once heard that "lipstick is the best antidepressant". I really do agree. It can be like armour.

I've certainly got my wiggle back on today. I think I'm back...

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