Monday, 11 November 2013

Real Beauty Revealed - "The Project"

I've mentioned across a few platforms over the last few weeks about a collaborative project I've been working on.  I think it's time.

Inspired by both the Children in Need celebrity "Bear Faced" campaign and the post that I felt I needed to answer in my blog "See why we have absolutely ridiculous standards of beauty in just 37 seconds - my answer" I felt the need to do something a bit different and have fun in the process, so I've lined up these babies: (in no particular order)






Each of these lovelies has written a guest post for this blog. You're going to get to know a bit about them, a bit about their beauty regimes (or lack thereof!) and their hero products. A sort of "what's in my make up bag" style thingie and with them all being super intelligent ladies, we'll get to hear a bit more I dare say about their take on life, beauty, society and anything else that comes up.

And this is just phaze 1! We have an exciting visual project we're going to be bringing exclusively to you too via this blog.

I'm going on to the Eleri Sion show on BBC Radio Wales on Wednesday so perhaps I'll tell you what is phaze 2 via that medium...see how I feel :D

Stay tuned for the first of the guest posts. I am very excited about this!

B xxx

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