Tuesday, 3 December 2013

And now for something COMPLETELY different... Sarah's blog!

Who am I?

(Name, picture of your choice, a bit about you. What you love, what you support, what you stand for)

Sarah E Price (Miss).  Officially single due to obstinate partner, massive animal lover, currently loving Mindfulness, Yoga, relaxation and dog-wrestling. I'm a Social Media bod for an events management company, mature (in a manner of speaking) student in uni and administrator for Tiger, the most exciting new store to open in Cardiff - ever. I have an inherited evil rabbit and an obsession with Costa Coffee. Beth and I work together on the Steelhouse Festival, amongst other things, every year. And I'm AMAZING at growing my eyebrows. 

(Obstinate partner ^^^)

What's in my bag? (A couple of pics of your make up and/or skincare stuff and a bit of a write up about what it is, what you love about it, what you couldn't live without, maybe your routine, whatever you like)

The first thing to say about my makeup bag is that it’s not a bag; it’s a wicker drawer. 

And it’s FULL.  Less full, since I had a massively strict clear-out when Beth started her training to be a make up artist extraordinaire.  But still far too full with far too much stuff bought on a whim and never used ‘cause it’s the wrong colour, or bought on a whim and not used because it’s too expensive and needs to be kept for best, or bought on a whim and then put in the drawer and forgotten about.  

One of my many celebrity friends. (!) 

My latest annoying trait is to buy things from TK Maxx in sealed packets, so you can’t even see what the colour is, let alone if it’s any good.  This has lead to a fetching set of deep purple lipstick and blusher more than worthy of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, but also some really nice mascara and faux ToucheEclat.  So, it’s sometimes ok!

The way I see my make-up buying strategy is this: go to somewhere fancy about 3 times a year, and buy some really good stuff.  Buy the minimum you can get away with (my favourite brand is the rather expensive Benefit) and MAKE SURE YOU USE IT.  However, as you can see from my previous statements, this strategy doesn’t really work.

So – favourite things: foundation, Revlon Photo Ready is really good, excellent coverage, and you can get it for a really good price in the Beauty Outlet in Festival Park, Ebbw Vale (as I discovered after I’d bought it full price in Boots!). 

Mascara – They’re Real by Benefit, the only mascara I’ve found that doesn’t immediately rub off on my prominent lower lids. 

Concealer – Boi-ng by Benefit (spot the theme emerging???)

Under eyes – Eraser by Benefit and the powder thing (CHECK). 

Blusher – Accessorise do a lovely range, good prices too. 

Highlighter – Watt’s Up by Benefit, and I have to admit that this one is my must-have, I really don’t feel right without it on. 

Lippy, I’ll wear anything, but favour a nude pinky colour when I go out at night as I tend to go a bit drag-queen mad with my eye makeup.

Again, for these eyes I go for Benefit colours but also Bourjois, they do some good strong colours.  And nearly forgot, underneath all the eyeshadow will always be Lemon-Aid to make it stick! 

Under the same umbrella I suppose would be Pore-fessional by, guess who, Benefit, to give the appearance of pore-free clear skin (I need all the help I can get with my tragic teenage-esque skin).

My perspective on beauty and self worth? This is your chance to rant...did you have a difficult "ugly duckling" childhood? Do you really hate media portrayals of beauty? Freestyle it... whatever you like.

This is a bit of a tricky one.  I love makeup, always have.  Early memories include putting Adam Ant stylee stripes on my nose and forcing my mam and dad to admire my artistry, then moving on to attempting Liz Taylor as Cleopatra eyeliner tricks, all in the safety of my own home, you understand.  My mother had an awesome Mary Quant set of coloured makeup pencils which I was allowed to play with, as she had long before abandoned makeup as too much of a potch with two bloody kids! But I didn’t wear much makeup until I was about 17, when I became rather gothic… so, mainly black eyeliner, then!

Inside, I’d love to say that I hardly ever wear makeup, that I am comfortable in my own skin, and why should I conform to society’s ideals of beauty?  I’d love to say that.  But I can’t.  I haven’t been outside my door without foundation for at least 20 years (other than to take the dog to the field 10m from my house if it’s dark, or raining).  I have less than zero confidence in my face.  It’s spotty, occasionally flaky, and let’s not get started on facial hair.  It’s my bĂȘte noir. I’ve had ENFIS light treatment, facials, electrolysis, laser treatments et al and no change.  Skin of a hormonal teenager (possibly with polycystic ovaries).

So, here’s my beauty routine.  This keeps my skin as calm as it’s possible to be (i.e. not very calm, but hey ho). Garnier pink face wipes (always take your makeup off, it’s really not worth the bother not to if you’re me), wash eyebrows with baby shampoo twice a week (don’t ask, I have weird eyebrows, I get them from my father), Simple anti acne moisturizer at night.  No night creams, that’s just asking for trouble.  That’s it for me, Betty Red gets to thread my eyebrows and tint my eyelashes as a special treat (for her).

Before I go out for the day, a full face goes on (I go easy on the eyeshadow if I’m staying in EV, don’t want to scare anyone in the day).  If I’m going out for the night I go the whole hog (see photos).My makeup mantra? Slap it on, experiment, don’t be shy.

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