Friday, 3 January 2014

Trials, Tribulations and Ultimately Triumph with Michelle

Hi all my name is Michelle Roberts, I am 42 and have my own house in Pontypridd. I don't have any children , and am currently single (very fussy)!

I currently work for Estée Lauder as a makeup artist, I have worked for them for 10 years in which time I have had the pleasure of working with Dolce and Gabbana at the fashion rocks awards in the Albert hall in London. I also work for a charity called Look Good Feel Better, I've been with this charity for nearly 20 years and in the last 2 years I became the regional coordinator , the charity is all about helping women living with cancer deal with the after effects of chemotherapy (loss of hair, eyebrows etc).

I love both my jobs but for very different reasons, I enjoy the interaction I have with customers at Estée Lauder , whilst with LGFB I love the way makeup puts a smile back on their faces during one of the most difficult times of their lives. 

After college I started working on cruise ships as a hairdresser, after my first contract I went back as a salon manager for Steiner transocean,I loved it, who wouldn't travelling the world whilst getting paid for it and partying hard. I had the time of my life and met some amazing people, but sadly I knew I had to settle back on dry land at some point and stop running away as you'll later see.

I came off ships and started working as a makeup artist for Lancome, I worked there for 4 years and later went to work for CK launching Calvin Klein cosmetics into Cardiff. Whilst working for them I decided to do a makeup artiste course, training with an itv makeup artist. After 2 years I collected my diploma and done some theatrical work as well as tv and also done the makeup for the music awards in the coal exchange in Cardiff, not long after I started working for Estée Lauder . 

I've been through a lot of highs and lows in my life, but I know I've now come out on top. When I was 19, my brother died, and in the same year I was raped by a man I knew. I started being very withdrawn, hated looking in the mirror and thought that what had happened was my fault. I started making myself sick, I finally felt like I was in control, but how wrong I was. I put my family through hell which I'm know deeply sorry. My confidence had gone, my parents were my rock. I was absolutely devasted when the only man I would ever trust my dad was diagnosed with cancer and after battling with this disease for 2 years slipped away, it made myself, mum and sister a lot stronger as a family.

So as you can see makeup for me was like a mask, it hid the person I was behind it. I went through a stage of wearing really gothic makeup, my makeup these days is a lot more reserved. I love experimenting with colour for going out normally making my eyes my main focus, but I do love a bit of red lippy . 

I was taught from a young age to wear skincare, I cleanse my skin twice a day, then in the day I use Estée lauders Even Skintone Illuminator. This helps with uneven skin, brown spots and also brightens the skin. I follow with Daywear moisturiser, I love the fresh cucumber scent it brings. I then use ANR for the eyes, this works on dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, and in the night I use the same cleanser and eye cream but change my serum too ANR for face. It's the no 1 repair serum, it helps to remove cellular debris and also has high levels of hyloronic acid for hydration. I follow with a night cream time zone night, it has all the anti ageing benefits. 

Ohhh so now for my makeup bag! I first apply macs strobe cream followed by double wear foundation in desert beige, then I use doublewear concealer for any imperfections and believe me there's many, and as my skin is on the pale side I use Chanel's bronze universal , this gives coverage which is buildable and can be used on any skintone. Then I wear a very neutral eyeshadow followed by gel liner across my top lashes, and doublewear pencil in onyx across my lower lashes. I wear a mascara called hypnose drama by Lancôme in black, it separates and lengthens my lashes, I have high cheekbones so I like to add a touch of shimmer to my cheeks using Benefits what's up, I then use lovers blush blusher by Estée Lauder, this looks very beige in container but it gives a soft peachy tone, I complete my look using a lip liner and a cherry red lip gloss , I have a makeup box full of different colour eyeshadows, lippys and blushers, it helps that I get most of my makeup of my work allocation as don't honestly know if I could afford it all if I weren't in the industry. 

So you see I still use makeup to mask my insecurities but I am dealing with them, everything I've done in my life including the highs and lows have made me the person I am today,with the help of my family I can now look in the mirror and actually don't mind what looks back.

Unfortunately we live in an era now where magazines, tv and other media reflect on how a young girl thinks they should look stick thin, gaunt etc. there is nothing natural about them. But it is very influential to a young girl just becoming a women and that's very sad. Young girls should have a healthy balance between watching tv and engaging in non sedentary activities. Media is a vast form of communication that permeates nearly every aspect of modern culture. Young women are exposed to all sorts of media outlets from television, movies and advertising to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Media isn't inherently positive or negative, however young girls should have a healthy balance between exposure to media and other intellectually,physically stimulating activities. 

Every women is beautiful in their own individual way. There is always somebody in life to put you down, but believe in yourself and everything will fall into place. I agree with Lizzie, why can't women support and empower other women ? :) 

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