Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lucky Choices

I've got lovely friends, and lovely family. I'm very lucky.

Or am I?

A certain amount of a lot of things in life is down to luck, but the people we choose to surround ourselves with - I'm not sure that this is down to luck.

I have always said that getting paid for doing something stops it from being fun and since I retrained to be a Make Up Artist I've been really conscious to make sure that I don't kill it for myself.

Doing free, voluntary or "TF" work is par for the course and how you build your portfolio and gain experience. It's also how you meet other people in the industry and make new friends. I've met the most amazing people.

It's really rewarding as an MUA for someone to hand you the money after a job well done. Rewarding in that you can continue trading but it's also physical proof of your work. It's good.

It's equally, if not more rewarding, however, when it's free. It's low budget, high creativity. You push boundaries, you push yourselves, you create, make do and fashion - at a moments notice. The buzz is fantastic.

I love the free stuff most usually. Working for LGFB (excited to have a session on Tuesday) is just fantastic, creating with students is just great. Some of the best opportunities are free, and I'm always gutted when I have to say no too something wonderful but voluntary - I just don't have enogh time.

In both my professional and personal life, I find people forgetting their manners to be simply intolerable. It has not happened to me yet but I dare say that one day someone who I am engaged with in a business relationship will be very rude to me. I will deal with that with grace and dignity at the appropriate time.

I've had to make some big decisions this week about how I deploy my time. People I care about are right fed up of not seeing me. I don't blame them (sorry love!).

So,  really, I guess what I'm saying is, I won't put up with bad manners if you're paying me, I sure as hell won't if you're not!

I choose the people I surround myself with very carefully. I like positive, inclusional, down to earth people with good outlooks and plently of drive. I choose to spend  my time in the company of these people and I choose not to spend it with people not of this mind.

It's partially luck, I guess, meeting them in the first place, but it's down to you to choose who to invest in.

I Pinched this from Mashable. I liked it.

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