Friday, 13 June 2014

The Grand Finale

The final piece of the body image blog is in place!

On Easter Sunday, we donned our best get up, took a big gulp and took the plunge.

One of the 7 couldn't do it. She tried but she just couldn't. I'd love it if she wrote a small post about it - not to "explain herself" but just to tell us about it. Bear in mind that this lady is THE FITTEST person I know - she has an amazing figure, not to mention face, but it just goes to show how deep this whole body image thing goes.

So we were lucky enough to be permitted to shoot in the wonderful Angel Hotel in Cardiff, the Photographer was the super talented Cardiff girl Mel Davies, hair was wonderfully done by Simon Harvey-Mears, and the girls mainly did their own make up, just a few little touch ups from Michelle and I.

We arranged the shoot six or eight weeks in advance, we find out the day before that there's not one but two big rugby games going on in Cardiff that day and with the Angel Hotel being slap bang in the middle between the two venues, I must admit, I did do a facepalm.

We knew the traffic would be horrendous as a result, we became acutely aware that the hotel was full of men who may have had a lemonade or two but we had great fun and banter with them - they were incredibly good natured (and gave us old girls a boost!)

So here's the six of us, all glammed up.

I think we scrub up quite nicely! 

So are you ready for our "no make up shot" eeek! 

You know what? We're REAL women doing Real things and living REAL lives, and I personally think we look pretty damned good! 

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