Thursday, 18 September 2014

Confessions of a Packaging Addict

My name's Bethan and I have an addiction to silly, pointless quizzes on Facebook - and PACKAGING.

I can't help it. I really try hard. I'm ruthless. I try to picture the factories where these things are made and the stacks and boxes of the things and try to think about what my home would look like if I kept all the lovely packaging that I'd ever had the pleasure of. That would just be silly. 

But it's soooooo pretty! I have a variety of carrier bags from MAC, e.l.f, Lush, all sorts of places that I neither use nor can bring myself to throw out. Ridiculous.

This one is causing me real problems:

It will come as no surprise to you that I had it for Christmas. It's now half way through September and I still haven't opened it.

I try really hard not to keep clothes for "best". When "best" comes you either don't like them any more, they don't fit or they're wrecked by dust. Just silly. I refuse to get annoyed when I smash a nice plate - I just don't see the point in being precious about things. They are just "things".

So why the flipping heck can't I just open and use my lovely Soap & Glory gift set?! I LOVE the stuff - but it's just soooooo pretty! 

And I know that once I do open it, the box itself will become another source of stress. It's too "useful" to throw out.

Just like all the other "useful" boxes I have...

Is there some kind of support group I can join? Shall I set one up?

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