Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Literal Translation

I've been buying magazines for years. We all have. But now I know one or two things about make up.

Up until now I've always thought that my inability to create the exact same look they flaunt under our noses enticingly, was down to my inability to apply make up.

So I thought I'd have a go now I know a little. They do say that a little knowledge is dangerous.

So, this is the look:

Off of the current copy of Marie Claire (at £2, that's why I chose it)

I don't mind telling you I fell in love a little bit with it, So I enrolled the help of the bezzie to  try it out. I can confirm that the success was limited.

Very pale foundation can only be so pale without you looking anaemic, even when you are really pale. I can only deduce that this particular model has actual porcelain skin because I couldn't get a finish like that or even anything that alluded to it to be fair.

My bezzie is very tolerant. I know her make up preferences and there is a decided preference to a "strong eye". I was grateful that she allowed me to photograph her (don't get me started on lighting when all I wanna do is take a quick snap to illustrate a point) sans "strong eye". In the first photo the hologramatic quality of the turquoise eye colour I used made her look distinctly Alexis Harrington.

I didn't use that photo.

So yeah, in a nut shell, I learned loads from trying to replicate this exact look. Predominantly that you can't without a teenage flawless model and a highly skilled photographer/lighting specialist/photoshopper, but the essence of it is a nice look.

Spring-like. Next time I won't use any contouring, that wrecked it. I'll be a shade braver with the concealing and the foundation, and even lighter on the eyes. But then will it not just look washed out? Hard to tell until I try.

I love trying out new things, new looks, new ways, but they don't always translate as straightforwardly as you might think.

The majestic Darren Hayes said "I believe that beauty magazines promote low self esteem" and I can kinda see what he means. You can't directly emulate the exact image you see on the page, but  I think that maturity allows us to be inspired by what we see rather than exactly copy it. 

But how do the very young and the very naive fare with that concept? 


  1. I think you need to experiment on a more mature skin, someone who doesn't wear make up, someone who needs confidence to face the world somedays .....fancy the challenge?

    1. Mature skin is both my favorite an my specialty, I must be honest. I really enjoy it. Let me buy a new highlighter first (next week) and we'll have a little go!