Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Value Added?

I have very different priorities in life than a lot of people in my industry. I think  that's what you might call my "unique selling point". Check out my business speak.

Perusing the Sunday Times this week, as you do, (I haven't for an age but I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to do it again on Sunday) I fell instantly in love with an article about how procrastination is good for you.

That's why I haven't written a blog post since then. It's good for you. Some might say I take things too literally.

Another that jumped out was this one...

Alright, not an article as such, but you know.

Seriously, you can't live without a primer that costs £50?!?!? "This Tom Ford primer makes my skin feel softer and gives it a welcome glow".

What exactly is a welcome glow? And my primer makes my skin feel softer and boosts the performance of my foundation (gathering that's what a welcome glow is). It's this one.

Costs about £3. From Superdrug. I use it every day.

Alright, I have a couple  of other primers I use for special occasions, photo shoots, fashion shows that sort of thing and it is a superior product. My fave is the Smashbox Oil Free Photo Finish primer and it cost £25. I like a quality product, I like a luxury product. This primer is quality and worth the price tag.

But just because something has a high price tag, it does not mean it is a superior product.

Value is about much more than the price. I have some fabulous quality products with the hefty price tag and I have some make up concession products that are of equal quality. For instance I LOVE Bourjois  blushers. Just love them.

I'm sure this Tom Ford primer is a very high quality product but I can't help thinking is there a ceiling on quality? Once you get past a certain level is it not academic? And all that money you're paying for the packaging? I'm not interested in doing the make up for my recycling bin.

And really? "Couldn't live without it"? Hmmmm.

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