Monday, 1 April 2013

Lessons for All

My tutor/mentor says that "A smile is your best accessory". It's so true.

Having a bit more of a holistic approach to beauty and in fact make up artistry I'm really glad to see that there's an influx of "inner beauty" stuff going on at the moment. It really is the most important thing.

It fascinates me that through the media paradigm,  people that wouldn't be described as classically beautiful become incredibly beautiful when they're full of confidence, self worth and  passion. Male or female, doesn't matter. Nothing is more attractive than confidence.

I've been really interested to see the rapid growth of a Facebook event called Robyn Stitt's Self Love Month and another page (can't work out if they're related) Self Love Month. So why is it that we need an event to make us treat ourselves right? Given the appalling state of humanity, or so we're constantly being told, you'd think we'd all be going around indulging in self love months all the time. Maybe we are. But not the right sort.

This quarter's FACEON magazine has a great article by Harriadnie Beau Phipps is a great combination of beauty tips such as that you only need exfoliate once a week, contrary to popular belief, and "Tip 6 - Beauty  has little to do with looks. It's all about morals and having a strong head on your shoulders. Intelligence, brains and wit are far more important. Being well cultured, knowledgeble, about the world and forward thinking is the key." Well said, that woman. I think it is prudent at the very least to have this kind of attitude to beauty.

I also think it's great that it's now deemeed to be much more socially acceptable to accept help. In a great article in the Sunday Times* Kirsty Alsopp in profile explains that in order to present the influential, manicured, fulfilled and empowered persona she's known for, Kirsty has a crack team of helpers that allow her to achieve this.  Now I know I'm biased (I'm banned from watching anything with Her Majesty on due to excessive activity immediately afterwards - I am the ultimate Kirsty fan) but I am even more empowered by the fact that all this loveliness is not generated by just one person. Of course, her holiness is the integral factor, but not the sum total.

On my business start up courses a few weeks ago we were discussing business growth and saturation point. I was discussing this further with lifestyle/mentoring guru Dr Bridget the other day too. It makes sense to outsource things that can be done by other people as it allows you to be more productive and true to yourself. In a business environment if you are turning down bread and butter work because you have to go out and buy staples then it makes sense to outsource the day to day stuff that could be done by another, to allow you to be more "you". Granted, we're not all in a position to pay for a private chef, but there's an ethic there that can be applied to ourselves and our concept of self. Especially as ladies, we feel under pressure to do it all and have it all when actually, you don't get any prizes for slogging your guts out to achieve the same goal. Is there anything you could outsource? At home maybe?

Maybe you could spend the time you saved engaging with Self Love Month? Go on, I dare you.

* Sunday Times main body 24/03/2013

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing our event (and how exciting that we inspired this!!)
    Self Love Month
    came about from a 'chat' with Sonia from Natural New Age Mum
    we had the idea of getting few friends to 'do something for themselves in April' and from there April was declared 'Self Love Month'. Already I can't wait until next year!
    My FB pages are Overcoming Overwhelm
    and Fit and Fabulous....

    So lovely to connect with you.
    Robyn <3