Monday, 18 August 2014

Everyday Sunshine

I'm a ginger.

Not so much as you get older, the redness fades or darkens (fades in my case) but my colouring supports the ginger format so I (usually) just warm it up to the colour it used to be.

As a  result of being a child in the pate 70's/early 80's, despite having a clued up Mumatron, I spent a lot of time in agony with sunburn. I can burn through factor 50 without even trying.

As a result I've always felt quite passionate about skin protection in respect of sun. I carry sunscreen in my make up kit and face painting kit at all times - I never wish to be caught out.

Yes, a lot of beauty products have a sunscreen in them. I've always thought that was enough for day to day use.

Watch this.

I'm now researching the best under make up full on sunscreen.

Would you be brave enough? And is that tan really THAT important?

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